Our investment funds

Our investors are our business. We’re committed to providing our clients with access to high quality investment fund opportunities across property, development and advisory services.
We aim to provide investors with property investment opportunities that generate reliable quarterly distributions of income, together with the potential for capital growth.
Our debt and development funds are chosen due to their sound investment features and the high level of experience, integrity and shared values of our development partners.

Our Investment Approach

We’re committed to providing our clients with access to high quality investment fund opportunities across direct property, real estate debt and development.

Type of funds

We invest in both direct property (commercial real estate with value-add potential) and also deploy capital into high quality development projects.

Underpinning our investment approach is a commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards and investment rigour, and always placing the interests of our investors first.

To date, we have invested over $448 million, across various real estate sectors including office, retail and medical, as well as into a number of residential development projects. Each fund is established as an unlisted, closed-end single asset unit trust with a clearly defined exit.

Asset selection

Argus Property Partners is able to access a range of investment opportunities through a network of trusted intermediaries, as well as long-standing relationships with industry agents. Generally, these are off-market transaction opportunities.

"Assets are required to satisfy a number of minimum investment criteria, including risk profile, return expectations, sustainability of income and underlying demographic profile".


Across each of our funds, the executive management team co-invests alongside investors, ensuring a strong alignment of interest. The business typically invests into the funds where there is capacity to do so, too.


Partnerships are central to the way Argus Property Partners operates. The most important partnership is the one which is formed with each of our investors.

"Our emphasis on building strong partnerships and record of out-performance means many of our Investors are referred to us from existing clients".

Because of our boutique size, our success has relied on building a best-in-class network of support organisations, including book-keeping and accounting (Ellice Flint Group), audit (RSM Bird), unit registry (Boardroom), fund compliance (Compliance for Business) as well as the property managers and leasing teams who assist with the day-to-day management of our assets.


Transparency, through regular and detailed reporting, is a key benchmark at Argus Property Partners. All investors receive quarterly investment updates which provide a high-level of information about the asset, including both the good news and full disclosure where there are issues. In addition, all funds are subject to an independent annual audit process, with investors provided with audited annual reports at the end of each year.

"Our transparent and open communication style means we’re always available to answer your questions".


We’re committed to ensuring our fees are fair and represent value for money. To the extent possible, fees are designed to be set at levels below our competitors and structured in a way to align our interests alongside our investors — most importantly through back-ended performance fees.