Argus Property Partners’ Direct Property Funds

Since commencing operations in 2013, Argus Property has established nine property investment funds across retail, office and medical real estate. Of these, two funds have been wound-up, with capital and profits returned to Investors.
Each of our funds aims to provide investors with a quarterly distribution of income, together with the potential for capital growth.

We choose assets based on their value-add characteristics, with returns to investors reflective of the relatively higher risk profile. Forecast total returns to investors typically fall into a range of 10% to 15% per annum, comprising a combination of income and capital growth.

Key features of our direct property investment funds are:
Direct Property Funds
We’re proud to share our current investments as well as our proven investment success stories.

RDB Investment Trust

Cumberland Opportunity Fund

Morayfield Investment Fund

Metro Retail Opportunity Fund

Argus Morayfield Fund

Orion Opportunity Fund

Varsity Investment Fund